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2006 Indianpolis 500 Logo


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I love it. Being a somewhat native of Indy for the first 6 of my 14 years on this earth. We go every year... and no they don't have that same logo year after year. I like how they tried to mix in old with some new with it being the 90th anniversary. I'm not huge on the color scheme, but I may grow on it.

KC Jayhawk

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Looong time lurker, 2nd time poster...

It's a tough logo to do since the speedway comes up with new logos for the 500, brickyard and the F1 race every year. They always shake up the colors and the design. Some years are great, some are terrible.

As a indy resident my entire life, i'd give this one a 9/10. I'd say my favorites would be 2004 or 2000. The 80's were a down time for 500 logos.

There was a discussion a while back about logos that are timeless (I think in reference to the Illinois Illini. I think that the Speedways logo is very timeless and a classic.

There's my .02...dw

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I kinda like it. Not he best one, but it could be awhole lot worse. As far as the pace car goes, i see it being a chevy product once again because chevy is the only american engine running in the 500 and this is Chevy's last year in the IRL.

This was Chevy's last year. They are done. 2006 will be all Honda power. (let the neon running lights jokes begin)

I think this logo is OK, but not as dynamic as some recent ones. But then again, being a 90th anniversary, they are probably looking for something a bit old school. Not a huge fan of the yellowish color though. Too close to the Predators third jersey. :P


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