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Off-topic career plug...

Brian in Boston

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This is WAY off-topic, but I just thought I'd let the CCSL family in on a pretty big development in my acting/comedy career...

...I'm going to be on HBO!

My former improvisational/sketch comedy troupe in Boston (Improv Asylum) was invited to be a part of a program entitled "SketchPad". It features what the show's producers consider to be the best sketch comedy from around the world. They selected one of our troupe's sketches, then they specifically requested three actors... including "your's truly". Ironically, none of us were performing with the troupe full-time any longer; two of us had moved to Los Angeles and one had moved to New York City. Still, our old troupe was cool with letting us perform the sketch on the theatre's behalf.

In any event, "SketchPad" will air on the following dates, at the following times (all times are EST):


October 2nd @ 10:30 PM

October 5th @ 12:25 AM

October 15th @ 11:00 PM

October 28th @ 5:25 AM

HBO 2 -

September 29th @ 11:30 PM

October 11th @ 2:15 AM

October 20th @ 2:45 AM

I believe that our sketch/troupe is the second one mentioned in the opening credits. You'll then have to sit through the entire half-hour, as our sketch runs during the closing credits. I play the father who is on the computer "talking" in an internet chat-room (go figure). The show's pretty edgy, so plan your viewing accordingly.

Brian in Boston

P.S.  For those of you who want to watch on the West Coast, my understanding is that you have a couple of choices. You can either watch the show on HBO/HBO 2 at the times listed above (PST)... or, you can watch the show on the East Coast feed three hours earlier than listed. If you live on the West Coast and receive both feeds, one will usually be listed as HBO-West/HBO 2-West.

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Blue Ridge Communications Digital Cable here in PA.. i get like 15 HBO's, 15 Skin-emax's (Great on lonely friday nights) and Showtime's and Starz's out the wazoo...

And Cablevision does suck, but their suckness helps the Rangers suck, and as a Devils fan, i can't really complain... :P

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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