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Here's how I see it goin down...

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush, RB, USC (Duh.)

2. New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart, QB, USC

3. Tennessee Titans - Vince Young, QB, Texas

4. New York Jets - DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis

5. Green Bay Packers - AJ Hawk, OLB, Ohio State

6. San Francisco 49ers - Mario Williams, DE, NC State

7. Oakland Raiders - Chad Greenway, OLB, Iowa

Just an early projection.

No D'Brickshaw Ferguson? I think he ought to land somewhere in the top 7

But, I agree Hawk would be a great fit for Green Bay, and I wouldn't mind seeing Young in Tennessee as McNair's predeccesor.

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AJ Hawk in Green Bay...yeah that works for me,the guy is just amazing....would be awful hard to pass up if i was Terrible Ted.

Ferguson will be a top 10 pick for sure.....I wonder if Vince Young will declare this year or come back to Austin...would certainly be #1 prospect in 07 if he waited

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1. Houston Texans - Trade down to 4th with New York Jets. Jets select Reggie Bush

2. New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinhardt

3. Tennessee Titans - Vince Young

4. New York Jets - Trade up to #1 with Texans. Texans select D'Brickashaw

5. Green Bay Packers - DeAngelo Williams

6. San Francisco 49ers - AJ Hawk

7. Oakland Riaders - Jimmy Williams

If the Texans select Bush, it would be the worst draft mistake in years.

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I honestly think Vince Young is going to stay another year. I don't see the advantage...he'd be going early for a rather illogical reason. Besides, if he stays, he'll have a legitimate chance to not only win a championship for Texas, but get that Heisman that he missed out on. Because of that, I think I see it going like this.

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush (RB)

2. New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart (QB)

3. Tennessee Titans - D'Brickshaw Ferguson (OT)

4. New York Jets - DeAngelo Williams (RB)

5. Green Bay Packers - A.J. Hawk (OLB)

6. San Francisco 49ers - Jimmy Williams (CB)

7. Oakland Raiders - Mario Williams (DE)


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Just my predictions....also my best guess for the pick positions

Houston trades down with the Jets and get Kevin Mawae (dk just a guess) and 4th overall pick

1. New York Jets - Reggie Bush (RB) ---USC

2. New Orleans Saints - Vince Young (QB) ---Texas

3. Tennessee Titans - Matt Leinart (QB) ---USC

4. Houston Texans - D?Brickashaw Ferguson (OT) ---Virginia

5. Green Bay Packers - Mathias Kiwanuka (DE) ---Boston College

6. San Francisco 49ers - Haloti Ngata (DT) ---Oregon

7. Oakland Raiders - A.J. Hawk (OLB) ---Ohio St.

8. Arizona Cardinals - Ahmad Brooks (ILB) ---Virginia

9. Detroit Lions - Jimmy Williams (CB) ---Virginia Tech

10. Buffalo Bills - Eric Winston (OT) ---Miami (FL)

11. Cleveland Browns - Chad Greenway (OLB) ---Iowa

12. St. Louis Rams - Mario Williams (DE) ---NC State

13. Baltimore Ravens - DeAngelo Williams (RB) ---Memphis

14. Philadelphia Eagles - Marcedes Lewis (TE) ---UCLA

15. Atlanta Falcons - Darnell Bing (FS) ---USC

16. Minnesota Vikings - Max Jean-Gilles (OG) ---Georgia

17. Miami Dolphins - Marcus McNeill (OT) ---Auburn

18. San Diego Chargers - Steve Smith (WR) ---USC

19. Dallas Cowboys - Michael Huff (FS) ---Texas

20. Kansas City Chiefs - Santonio Holmes (WR) ---Ohio St.

21. DENVER BRONCOS (from WAS) - Leonard Pope (TE) ---Georgia

22. Pittsburgh Steelers - Laurence Maroney (RB) ---Minnesota

23. New York Giants - Nick Mangold © ---Ohio St.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jonathan Scott (OT) ---Texas

25. New England Patriots - Darryl Tapp (DE) ---Virginia Tech

26. Chicago Bears - Vernon Davis (TE) ---Maryland

27. Carolina Panthers - Ryan O'Callaghan (OT) ---California

28. Denver Broncos - Rodrique Wright (DT) ---Texas

29. Cincinnati Bengals - Dominique Byrd (TE) ---USC

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Winston Justice (OT) ---USC

31. Indianapolis Colts - DeMeco Ryans (OLB) ---Alabama

32. Seattle Seahawks - A.J. Nicholson (OLB) ---Florida St.

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