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Well Reggie Bush might hold out if the Saints draft him who would want to go to that situation?

I would! He'll do an Eli. Who would want to go into the Saints situation? And if haslett is out--who can they get as a coach? The stadium and practice facility is one thing- but the owner is a bozo, brazen enough to shop the team right after the hurricane. Once a car salesman..


10-all, 7:25 left 3rd Q. Hmmmm.

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Uh... Maybe another receiver or a tight end (Say, Tulsa's Garrett Mills. The guy is the best TE in the nation) would work for the Forty-Whiners.

Edit: Yeah, he hurt his shoulder and Andre Johnson hurt his knee as well. So, Houston was without Carr or Johnson, and they still sucked royal ass. Well, Houston fans, Spring Training for the 'Stros begins in 2 months.


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Why couldn't the 49ers just throw games like the Texans did? Too much pride? Screw that. I haven't seen a highlight of the OT interception... but I think it was intentional.

Did David Carr get hurt during the game? Because that's not fair that the Texans had Banks in.


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Well 49ers won so Bush is going to Texas.

I some how imagine at teh end opf teh game the 49ers kicking the GW FG and teh Texans clebrating dont ask me why.



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And you wonder why Capers is getting fired. Or perhaps he wanted to win just to spite with the management. Oh well...now we enter the true start of the Texans franchise.

As of now, the top 5 draft order is in this order:

1. Houston Texans

2. New Orleans Saints

3. Tennessee Titans

4. New York Jets

5. Green Bay Packers

6/7. San Francisco 49ers

6/7. Oakland Riaders

The last two still need to be decide based on the Dallas-St. Louis game, but we pretty much have the setup now. Let the TRUE draft talk begin!


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Here's how I see it goin down...

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush, RB, USC (Duh.)

2. New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart, QB, USC

3. Tennessee Titans - Vince Young, QB, Texas

4. New York Jets - DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis

5. Green Bay Packers - AJ Hawk, OLB, Ohio State

6. San Francisco 49ers - Mario Williams, DE, NC State

7. Oakland Raiders - Chad Greenway, OLB, Iowa

Just an early projection.

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