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Russian White Skates


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Does anyone know why that one Russian had to wite-out the logo off his skates and what logo it was? I don't have a pic at this time...



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Gee, now what kind of equipment does the goalie endorse? It's right on the tip of my...dammit...

Nope. Can't think of it.

Reebok goalie gear, Nike jersey... odd.

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Actually, I thought I'd heard they were Graf skates, and for some reason that couldn't be displayed.

They were Graf skates that were not the "official supplier brand" of the WJC or IIHF and the player was told to cover up the brand name.

He did, but he kept right on going and painted the whole skate white.


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They're Graf skates. Graf is not a sponsor of the event. They told him he had to cover the logo, and he decided to go all out and spray paint the skates. If you find images of Cory Schnieder from the WJC, he has tape over the Vaughn logo on his pads for the same reason.

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