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My SBXLIV logo


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Before this little venture gets horribly out of hand...

Assuming this Super Bowl is played in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale:

1. Why is the font more reminiscent of pirates and buccaneers than dolphins and Miami?

2. Why are there 3 pirate ships across the top of the logo?

3. Why is this essentially the same concept you used for a Super Bowl held at Raymond James Stadium?

Honestly, the design was OK for a Tampa Bay area Super Bowl. Just OK. Please don't think that means this same design can be applied to other potential host cities, so long as the colors reflect the host team's colors. For one thing, Super Bowl logos don't usually involve the host team as much as they do the site of the game. (This was already mentioned to you on your other thread.) For another, your design isn't so universal that it can be applied across the board like you're trying to do.

And read the C&C that others are giving you, before you make the same errors again and again...

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The mere fact that this is just a recoloring of a mediocre concept where you didn't even bother to change the main design elements to reflect the new city automatically makes this the laziest logo ever made.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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I have to agree with vitamin D , it's the same logo for all proposes the Tampa one even with ships on top . I mean just think how often they change so much year to year to avoid from looking alike . like Jacksonville lasts year had the Main St bridge as part of the background or something that represents that's city or age & event .

#DTWD #GoJaguars

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how did this topic get bumped (before I did, smartasses)? I thought this died a week ago and we all agreed that the logo was average for a Tampa Bay Super Bowl. Unfortunately, Tampa and Miami haven't merged and remain two distinct cities. Rethink it.

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