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Edmonton Oilers Jersey Concept


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Hi, ive been looking around for the past few days and have been working on my own jersey concept. I posted this on the Edmonton Oilers Message Board and got a positive reaction.

This is my first design and in all it took approx. 12 hours total of making, editing and so forth. I went with tradititional colours and kept it very traditional overal, but with a few modern twists, one being the coloured mesh on the sides. I'd like to acknowledge the makers of the various templates and creating tools from this site.

Comments and Criticism are welcome.


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"I like it, I like it a lot"

hahaha, reminds me of Dumb & Dumber, which I watched today.

As for the concept, I'm kind of undecided whether I like it or not. The simple, ordinary stripes don't seem to mesh well with the big spikes. Plus, I don't really like how the stripes on the bottom just stop at the sides.

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I like the White with the Blue sides, but I think the Blue with White sides is too much White.

Perhaps a solution would be to have the Red and Copper as striping on the outside of the mesh section on both, but both have the Blue mesh.

Like Shumway, I think the abrupt halt to the striping around the waist is a bit odd.

But I don't know where you'd go with that, except perhaps dropping the striping and finding an alternative. Maybe some sort of cuffs like Ottawa or the Islanders' alts.

Still, a pretty good place to start, the White one looks good.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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Meh... it's OK. Just OK.

My biggest problem is there's an awful lot of white in the dark sweater. It's more obvious on the dark sweater than it is on the white one. It's almost like those BYU "bib" football jerseys that had so much white on them that the NCAA made them get rid of those jerseys. If you want mesh, so be it - but large expanses of white in an otherwise dark sweater look noticeable, and not in the good way.

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You really haven't broken any new ground with this. It's the same old Oilers jersey that's been "Sharkified" like soooooooooo many other concepts on this board.

Sure, go ahead and add the mesh, but why make it such a stark, contrasting color? It just makes it look too busy. And why no secondary logos on the shoulders? At least change the font for the numbers to make it your own.



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oilers1988, you mentioned traditional colours. red navy and copper are not traditonal oilers colours. I was a expecting blue and orange concept except modernized. Same as the other comments, I don't like the contrasting mesh. The mesh almost makes it hard to tell which jersey is the home, and which is the road.

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