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Washington Redskins Concept


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I just wanted to state that I really had no inspiration on what to do with the jersies, other than change the solid colored current jersies to a more modern look. And technically, if you want to go there, a concept is anything that is thought up, that is not currently implemented. A pink jersey with baby blue pants are solid colors, but aren't used, therefore are concept.

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i love the pants with the feathers that's cool but still old school cuz it's the skins...i think you should use the feather thing on the jersey like the chargers bolt just use one feather coming from back to the front to seperate the colors...but hey it's just MO

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First off, :welcome:. From the ground up:

SOCKS: OK, but not better than what they have now - especially the socks that have the asymmetric stripes (red/gold) that match the sleeves and pants striping.

PANTS: creative. I'd like to see you find a way to make the white feathers stand out on the white pants.

JERSEYS: Gawd, no. I will extend a little more credit than GoNords did for changing the number font and going with double outlines... it's slightly more than a recolorization, which is the bane of many an existence here.

That said, the maroon jersey is ghastly. Contrast color yokes are bad enough; paired with contrast color sleeves in a 3rd color is really hard to look at. To call these amateurish is insulting to amateurs. Jerseys shouldn't look like patchwork quilts, which is what 3 fabric colors looks like. You also need TV numbers. And you removed my favorite part of the Redskins look - the asymmetric sleeve stripes.

HELMET: Did you get rid of the center striping? I don't see it included here. If that was your intent, that's a step backwards IMO.

OVERALL: The pants are great, the socks are at best a small step backwards, and the major new feature of your jerseys is a huge step backwards. Nothing that can't be repaired, I 'spose...

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The only thing I like about your "concept" is the pants. It's something you don't think would work, but it does. And the reason I put the " " around concept, is that just coloring the shoulder and sleeves isn't a concept. That is just the lines on the template, and about anyone who doesn't take their time just colors them in and calls it a concept. Next time, maybe add some stripes, but try to quit filling in the sleeves and calling it quits, that's not a concept. Alot of new members just fill in the sleeves, if you want to stand out try something different, like what you did with the pants.

I disagree. The uniforms he designed are vastly different from the real thing, including the jersies. In my mind, that definitely makes it a "concept".

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1. The Redskins logo on the sleeve doesn't work. It just doen't look that good. Try a Steelers style striping or a arrow ala the 2003 throwbacks. Or, if you don't like that, try a shoulder stripe like USC.

2. The colors, oh god the colors. The Redskins are a team that will always look better in a more classic, subtle combination. If you don't want a solid jersey I can't blame you, but don't pattern youself after the Bills. Break it up with striping, not awkward placed yokes and filled in sleeves, it looks very bush league.

3. The socks. Look at the socks they wore this year, not the solid ones but the striped ones. Those are perfect, and will always be the best IMO

4. The helmet. Look at FSU's helmet, and pattern a similar one on to this it. It will look 1000 X better, trust me.

5. The pants, Now this I like! That is brilliant, the feather works much better than a vertical stripe. But white pants on your home looks horrid, make it Burgunandy.

Remember, just because you can fill in lines in paint doesn't mean you should.

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ok, first off, the pants are perfect, maybe the white ones need something else, but they work right now. the away socks suck, nothing nice to say about them. and im not being mean, changing sock color is an easy thing, so dont take it wrong, just please dont use that color pattern. the jerseys, like others said, need alot of work. I say add some numbers on the top of the shoulders, and deff change the yokes. ok, with the helmet, i always felt that the redskins needed to go the college route, and use a blank helmet with stickers for accomplishments. maybe it wouldnt work, but id like to see sumone try it out. keep working on this, u got me interested.

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