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College fantasy league


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Originally I posted this on the "General Discussion Board", but it's gotten little attention there so I thought I'd just put it out there so that everyone can see it.

Anyway, I have an idea for a College Fantasy Football League.

Like the FCA (Fantasy College Association or whatever, name can be decided later).

Since their is only like 117 eligible players (minimum) for each position in college football, we can obviously have a lot more owners. Plus it can be a big time changeup to our pro fantasy leagues.

So I was thinking that we could have like 50 "Athletic Directors" or "School Presidents" each in charge of their college team. And split those 50 teams into five, 10 team conferences or extend it to 56 teams have seven, eight team conferences.

There are approximatly like 14 true weeks to the college football season, so you'd play all your in-conference teams once plus a few out-of conference teams and then we could have our own system of rankings to produce bowl games for week 14.

More details can be thought of, obviously it's too late for this season, but if we start thinking about it now, we can be ready for next season well in advance.

So I'm wondering if anyone would be interested. I'd be willing to be overall commissioner of the league, but for every conference we would have a commisioner for them as well to keep track of stats and standings.

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I'm avaliable at brianprice26@hotmail.com or bp62687 for AIM. If you want to talk to me, just add me, I'd be glad to chat.

The List Of The Interested: (In order of posted interest)

1) Hobogrish*

2) Ez Street

3) Nitroseed

4) tajmccall

5) joel_fiasco

6) lucky*

7) yhollander*

8) whchoclte

9) shiznit1083

* Have expressed some sore of interest in being a commisioner. (If you want to be contacted for one of these jobs, please say so in your original post, if you don't want to be but I've got you marked, please let me know as well)

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I am willing to do a conference. Here is my suggestoin. That we attempt to keep the regional assignment as best we can for the conference leaders.  

An example of this would be, for me:

Pac 10 and/or Mountain West Conference assignments.

Under say a conference name of Pacific Coast Conference or Mountain 10.

and the members should be mostly from the same region as the assignment conferences as best we can assign.

This would allow for the me to work on stats etc in my Time zone and also allow for those on the east coast to have no delays either waiting on other games out of there home time zones, as much as possible.

Also one suggestion on the season since we can control this is maybe have shorten season by one game and during week 13 play conference championship games (sense there are some of those out there in the real conferences).  This might help determine at large bids.

As for the person who chooses to be the overseer of all this. I would suggest creating a spread sheet via excel that can be sent to all the leagues so that the scoring is identical for each team.

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