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My First Uniform


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I would like to point out that one shoulder patch is rough-edged while the other is rectangular

yeah... we should email the governor of arizona, and check to see if he can straighten out the shape of his state, for the sake of aesthetics. B)


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I am officially addicted to this stuff. I spent all last night and a little bit of today finishing up the entire set. I was hoping to get this done by the beginning of next week, but I just can't stay away from it so I have it done much earlier then I thought I would. I tweaked the jerseys a little bit to make it a little more traditional. I have a home, away and two alternative sets. The alternatives use re-colored versions of their old logo. I couldn't figure out which one I liked best, so I will just post both alts. Here goes nothing...





Alt. #1


Alt. #2


C&C is more then welcome.

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Awesome! It's improved so much from the first presentation. And I can't stand hockey!

I'm particularly fond of Alternate 2. One sticking point: I much prefered the away jersey with the red sleeves. I do like the monochrome home jerseys, though.

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I dont want to try and come off like I am trying to get praise and bump my own concept, but I just got such good feedback with my first concepts and now that I put out a complete set I got close to nothing. I would really like to know what everyone thinks. Esspecially about the Alts. If I am breaking a rule and bumping my own stuff then the mods can just graveyard this. I really don't wanna come off like that.

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great work on the entire set. i said it wasnt an improvement before, but now i am starting to rethink that, honestly. they are well done all around, and they look great on the player as a total set. the only one i am second guessing is the 2nd alt. but that might just be the green. I really really like the other 3 though. nice job.

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