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Discrimibattle viii voting


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post your top three, 1 being best. without further ado, here we go:


Ez Streer(Avs)



Steve-O(Red Wings)

so, who's the champ of champs?  edit: forgot to post the time i'll count votes...monday at 7 pm ct

update: due to unforeseen events, jkrdevil had to change the url of his entry.

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Discrim...are you allowed to vote in this heated battle??? (Other people vote, I know you are reading this and haven't voted...c'mon you know you waaaaaaaan it)

i'm the chairman, i gotta stay neutral...everybody else can vote though :D

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well, a couple bad omens tell me to declare a winner now...

vicfurth and umlegend were not voted for, and therefore did not earn any points...better luck next time

in a second place tie...each with 15 points:

Steve-O and jkrdevil!

and of course there can only be one....and the one this time is...first with 21 points...Ez Street!!!

where's Ez going to celebrate?  well, ask him.  i'd go to a vacant lot and act crazy.

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well i live in Kansas so basically the whole state is a vacant lot! I'm glad people voted for my work, but everyone did great. I'm glad to have finally won one of these contests though, it helps my confidence. Soon i will unveil my Big 12 Hockey Jerseys! Thanks again.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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