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I made another one!


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I'm a bit iffy on the helmet and the pants, but I think the shirts look nice.


I used the Archery Rounded font for the numbers, and it sorta matches the BENGALS script logo.

Unlike my other unis, this one is a COMPLETE makeover.

I know the Bengals uni is probably the hardest to makeover, and it shares some uniform components from good unis like the Ravens, Titans and Steelers

Those poor Cincinatti football fans...


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I love this, but their tiger stripes I mean come on..

Why not modify these so they mix in the stripes.

-Go with their current striped helmet.

-Add a few tiger stripes on the shoulders, leaving the big long stripe you have. Just put s small orange stripe with black tiger stripes on it,

-Drop the white pants and give the orange stripe some you guessed it tiger stripes.

IMO the Bengals are not in need of a new look, but still good job.

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