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Tennessee Tech to get new look


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I found this story. I hadn't seen it mentioned yet.

"Something new is preparing to soar." That's the teaser you'll be seeing soon on flyers around campus, and it's referring to the new Athletics logos scheduled to be unveiled at the first home football game Aug. 31.

The new family of logos, which feature the first officially licensed mascot art, will be used by Athletics and related programs only. The university's official logo remains the interlocking T-T-U for use by all other departments and programs.

"This is an exciting venture for us," says Athletics Director Mark Wilson. "This new family of logos for Athletics will reinforce the quality image of the university and build a strong brand identity for our Athletics program.

"TTU was one of the few Division I institutions in the country that did not have unique athletics marks or even an official representation of the mascot. We believe these new marks will represent us well."

The family of logos was developed by an ad-hoc committee working with Rickabaugh Graphics, a national graphics firm specializing in sports logos for collegiate and professional teams. The committee was comprised of representatives from several administrative units, faculty and students. Once the design was narrowed to three options, focus groups of students, alumni, faculty and staff were asked to pick their favorite design.

All groups voted overwhelmingly in favor of the final selected design.

?The first fall football game was the ideal time to unveil the new look,? Wilson says. Coincidentally, that Thursday date is also the first day of fall semester classes, and it falls right in the middle of TTU Pride Days.

"We're happy to be able to reveal the logos first with our TTU family of students, faculty and staff," Wilson says. "While these new marks won't replace the existing university logo, they will offer an enhanced branding opportunity for our athletic teams. Particularly when we're traveling around the country, we want everyone to see our logos and know we're the Tennessee Tech University Golden Eagles.?

The university's interlocking T-T-U logo, which continues to be the university's official logo.

Products featuring the new logos will be available to the public through the TTU Bookstore at the Aug. 31 football game and afterward at other local merchants.

Logo usage and style guidelines are available online in the university's Publicity and Visual Identity Handbook. It will be updated to reflect the guidelines for the new logos after Aug. 31.

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if u go to tenn tech's sports web site, u can see the eagle head(vageuly) and what looks like the new wordmark, in the lower left part, where is says comming in august....and something else, who else beciedes tenn tech,buffalo, and ulm are getting new looks, can any body maybe shed any info on some more new changes for the fall????

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This is...not good.

With all do respect to Rickabaugh.

It's just lame.

And purple and gold? I guess. IF those already were your colors what are you gonna do?

It's not mandatory to pick a color scheme that corollates to the real world colors of things. But purple and gold for Eagles? Especially Golden Eagles, which are a specific species and have specific and gorgeous coloring. Couldn've gone black, and bronze or somethin.

It's like, you wouldn't call yourselves the RedTails and use blue. Or make a bald eagle have an orange head.

In some cases, and I think this is one of them, you have to pay attention to what you named the team. Marquette has kind of ruined the golden eagle thing by making it some yellow bird. It is an actual species and this just.........gross.

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You have to work with what you have. The school is not going to change it's colors and outside of LSU and ECU I can't think of another team that utilizes Purple and Gold. It's a unique color combo.

You can't always correlate the school colors with the colors of the real life mascot.

For example Auburn always shows it's tigers with Orange skin and Navy Blue stripes to tie into the school colors and LSU always uses a Gold tiger with Purple stripes. I don't know of any yellow tigers or tigers with Navy Blue stripes.

These are graphic representations and not real life drawings.

As for the actual Golden Eagle it's more brown/bronze then "gold"


And for the TTU logo it's a definate upgrade when you originally only had this:


and they are still going to be using this primarily:


They were just looking for an "official" representation of the Golden Eagle.

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