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Austin wranglers logo to be unveiled...


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Just saw this on their website that the logo will be unveiled on the 22nd at around 12:30pm Austin time (I guess that's Central?). From what I have heard about it, it is not going to be pretty at all. And just for the record, I had nothing to do with this. (Those of you who know the story know what I mean. Sorry I can't be more specific, and please don't ask me to explain it because I can't.)
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It was done by an independent designer named Erik Hollander, who is based out of Nashville.

No relation.

I'll be curious to see whether Jerry Jones has anything to say about the logo seeing as how it looks like a profile shot of the Dallas Desperado.

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Yes, I'm positive. My contact told me basically that this logo is what will be unveiled on Saturday, and I have every reason to believe that his information is correct. The Wranglers are already using that specific wordmark on some of their material, as you can see from visiting www.austinwranglers.com and downloading their PDF about the logo unveiling.
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Um.. that *is* the real logo.

Actually Nitro, as much as I love your stuff, that isn't the real logo.

Check the thread HERE, 4th post down.

Well, I stand corrected then! :) Guess my information was wrong. I find it odd that they're already using the wordmark from that logo above. Oh well! My apologies.

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You have nothing to feel bad about. I on the other hand have serious "egg on my face".

Erik Hollander's website is one of many graphic design-related pages that I have stumbled across and bookmarked. As a "logo geek", every day I'll spin through a few to see if anyone has added new work to their portfolio section. Well, you were not the only person to discover Mr. Hollander's Austin Wranglers design in the last couple of days. The difference is that you brought the logo to the attention of CCSL's board... while I brought it to the attention of an AFL board that I frequent.

So, this morning I log on here, see your thread, begin reading and find out that Erik's revealed that the logo ISN'T the one the Wranglers will go with. So, I figure I'll pass the news on to the AFL board I frequent. When I get there, I find out that I'M THE REASON that Erik has taken the step of dispelling the rumor about this particular Wranglers concept. My post on the AFL board had been brought to his attention. I'm feeling just a little sheepish right now.

Brian in Boston

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