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My contest


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I think for my contest I am going to go the opposite of what everyone is thinking now.  Now is the retro time of the football season, but I want to think ahead.

For my contest:

Design a new uniform for the New Orleans saints.

Same colors optional but they are great so I would reccomend them.

New logo not required.

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very interesting- any body else?

my one suggestion to you vicfurth is that the color scheme is very jacksonville

how is that a suggestion?

anyway i think thats a very interesting colour scheme and sorta looks good but the teal looks very forced and the teal sleeve stripes and the gold vneck dont look good together.

interesting idea though. plus i dont like that secondary logo

Proud owner of the Utah Pioneers of the Continnental Baseball League.



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I got the color ideas from SSUR. They have a page devoted to proposed color sets. I used this one minus the purple that was in there, which prolly would've been pretty bad. The other color set for the Saints was their current one plus silver, which would've looked the same. It's something a little different. If I could do over, the neck and sleeve trim would all be teal. That secondary logo isn't new. I'm pretty sure they've used it for a while. I just couldn't find it, and I didn't want to use the primary on the shoulders, so I drew it up.


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i may try to come up with a "second" logo that includes green and purple mardi gras beads with the superdome somehow..

not sure...I will play with it after the holidays...

got turkey to cook and 4 kids to feed :)  and maybe some NCAA 2004 to finish up my senior year... of course, I broke my wrist as a senior but, I hope to still get drafted in the Madden draft hahaha

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yay! i managed to finish! here's my entry. I got lazy after i realized that i made the back side of the template into the home inuform, but you get the idea looking at the tow. on the road uni, all that would change on the back is the gold in the name would be black.

NFL isn't really my area, more of a NHL/MLB guy, comments, please!


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