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Re-Designing Stagg


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With the Division III football playoffs ready to start in the next few weeks, I thought it might be cool to run a contest re-designing the teams in the playoffs.

Playoff participants will be posted here as soon as they are available (should be Sunday, November 12 or Monday, November 13) - the d3 selection show will be aired on espnnews in the 2 pm hour on sunday, november 12

Further details to follow in this thread.

This contest approved by WIB


- Contestants will design an original primary logo, the home football football field, uniforms (home & away) and helmet for the chosen school using existing school colors and mascot - the primary logo must be used either on the helmet OR the field (or both)...you may design a secondary logo for either the helmet or field and/or a wordmark, but this is not required of the contest - the current school logo may be used as a secondary, if desired

- contestants must submit their entry on this template for consistency...you can use this field template with a track if you'd like - it is not necessary to use the same collar or even to use the raster version (you can use a vector version of the helmet and uniform), but your final entry MUST be submitted in raster format (.png preferred) as i don't have ai :) and your entry must use the uniform, helmet and field templates contained - i want this contest to be about who designed the best logo/uniform, not who used the best template

- contestants may submit multiple entries

- all entries must be emailed to staggcontest@gmail.com after selection sunday (november 12) and before midnight on december 2, 2006 - do not re-size the entry template - your email should have the following subject line "stagg entry" and you should include your ccslc username in the text of your email, along with the name of the school you are redesigning

- there should be NO identifying information on your entry - i will watermark each entry to protect your original work

- Voting will be from Dec 3-9, and would be a 3,2,1 point voting system...the 2 highest scoring entrants would be pitted against each other in the "Amos Alonzo Stagg Design Championship" with voting taking place Dec. 12-16

- any questions regarding the contest should be addressed in this thread...i will not answer any questions by email or pm

- i reserve the right to modify and update these rules until the contest begins

- you must have fun with this contest :)

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I'll take Curry College (Milton, MA) once we win the NEFC on Saturday.

IF they beat cga on saturday, they'll just lose in the first round like every other nefc team in history has :)

Could you post a link to somewhere that lists the schools that are in the playoffs?

when d3football.com has the selections posted (sunday or monday they should be up), I will link to their site - they typically have a capsule on each team along with their current logo to give you an idea what you're dealing with

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Is there someplace to get the templete in vecter form or do we just use a copy of the raster one on this thread?

hooligan - go to the templates thread found here - you can use Nick/Tempest's Football uniform template without the back/side views (the helmet in this template is ok to use) and mrjbaseball's field template - you can then convert and size those files to fit within the raster contest entry template and send the entry template as a .png file to the email address found in the rules

hope this helps! glad you're joining the contest...good luck!

www.d3football.com should have a "capsule" on each of the 32 teams posted later this week, which i will link - the capsule shows conference affiliation, mascot, colors and logo for each of the 32 teams and should be valuable information

in the meantime, does anyone know who i should request a sticky from? i sent a pm to zer0dotcom on sunday...maybe i should just be patient :)

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