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Buffalo Bills Concept


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Hello, all! I haven't made a concept in a while, and I've been working on this one for a while. While they may look like the throwbacks that the team wears (Pictures here, here, here, here, and a different look here.

The throwbacks, worn from 1964-1974 (see them at the great Football Uniforms Past and Present) are still worn as throwbacks a few times a season. While I used that general design, I made a few changes.


WORDMARK: The serifed Bills wordmark came into existence in 1975, following the uniform change, but I still think it is excellent a personifies Bills football.

PRIMARY LOGO: I used the classic bison image with the Bills mark slapped onto it.

ALTERNATE LOGO: The B in the wordmark could be used as logo on a hat, like the Dallas Cowboys D is.

HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: I used the same design as the classics, with white sleeve striping and similar striping on the socks.

HELMET: I may draw criticism here, but I think that the blue helmet is more suitable if they wanted to wear the uniforms all the time. While I love the white helmet, I think the blue doesn't look half bad and fits the overall uniform well.

ALTERNATE JERSEYS: For the home and away, I had red socks instead of blue, and for the road jersey, I made blue pants instead of the classic white on white combo. I wouldn't expect these to be worn often, but just sometimes as a change of pace.

While these are just my humble ideas, I'd love C&C, good or bad. Thanks :D

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I like the design overall. My only comment would be that the regular home and away looks don't have enough red in them. It especially shows in the alternates where you wonder where the heck the red came from. Small quip though. Good job.

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I don't like the Away set. The Away-Alt is good. I'm not a fan of white monochrome uniforms with a non-white helmet. That said, the blue helmet is nice, but perhaps a red helmet would be better. There is virtually no red in the set now, and I'd like to see more of it.

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