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NBA Outlook Game


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I read Throwback's game idea about the NFL, looked at Zigs NHL Outlook and saw it was running great. I figured that I may continue the chaos with my NBA Outlook Game 06'.

These are the rule I am quoting both Throwback and Zig on this.

"I'd like to propose a sort of "game" where we guess the graphic future of the NBA (logo changes, uniform

modifications, Expansion teams etc.) if you'd like to propose a new logo please fill-out the form below.

Year Changed:

Team Name:


Year Expanded:

Team Name:


I will start the chaos by doing the 2008 Seattle Supersonics and Houston Rockets.

2007: Memphis Grizzles by k2bf

2008: Seattle SuperSonics by italianstallion

2009: Sacramento Kings (to Vegas) by AJMfilms

2010: Houston Rockets by italianstallion



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I'll do Oklahoma City Supersonics for '08.

EDIT: Never mind.... totally didn't notice that you'd already picked them.

If I think of another team I want to do, I'll do it... otherwise, I might do OKC anyways, just as a way to work on my skills.

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Tampa Bay Titans will become a NBA team in 2012

Good start. I'm not a big fans of the color scheme...the jersey color is very different from that in the titan logo. Also the workdmark on the chest of the jersey needs more work...it can't just be something typed in a regular font. Other than that I like that you kept it simple. Nice job!

Las Vegas Kings are coming soon...

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Haha, you took a logo from a team that hasn't even played a game yet for a team that wont play in the forseeable future. Its funny to me but then again, I'm weird.

Also, I've noticed a lot of NRL logo 'stealing' in my time here. The league is not as obscure as many think and you WILL be picked up on it by members. You've been warned.

Regarding the jersey, I think it needs a bit more detail. Its very bland at the moment as well as inconsistent. Match the jersey and short stripes for starters and use more white to break up the blue and gold; at the moment its one drab colour on the other.

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