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If you have a really cool goalie mask concept, post it here!!! It can be a mask for your favorite team or player, a design for yourself, or school. Be creative.

I'll start. This is a goalie mask for my high school hockey team, the St. Francis Knights


It's kinda bad, but this is my first goalie mask design.

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this is the helmet i use in my high school games. It actually originally had an itech saber tooth tiger like animal design on it. I got tired of that so took it off, then i used decal paper and put our jersey crest on the sides. I had to keep it simple because you can't get to complex with decals. I am thinking of adding on though...

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I did this one way back when for the 2005 World Logo Poker Tournament:


Give me a couple weeks and I'll do up 3/4 view helmets for y'all. They're old drawings that I use to use to desing masks for my old Wayne Gretzky hockey game... not that you could ever see a design of any kind on the players. One of those sky view games from like 1991. *LOL*

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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