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Discrimibattle 10.5


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this had been the Champions Battle, and we do have entries, but assorted events have led me to open this to all comers, with a new setup: the Champions vs the Challengers

to review the concept, it's Atlanta Falcons, and the color sets you can use are:

1) red, black, silver and gold, or

2) gold, navy, red

Champions division:STL FANATIC, SharkHatesBrown, InTheEnd88, GMac, snowcap30, Ez Street, Roger Clemente

Challenger Division: everybody who wants in

that setup will come into play when voting time comes, Champs and Challengers will be voted for separately and then the top two will go head to head, using a special 'champ' vote that should be PMed to me. entry deadline is saturday 8 pm ct, voting deadline is tuesday night 5 pm ct.

and here's what i've done in current colors + gold

and in Georgia Tech colors + red

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I'm in for this one. Are we allowed to modify the logo? (Example: I have a custom Falcons logo that I'd like to use if possible. Is that forbidden?)

you can use any existing falcons logo or create your own

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In my anticipation for a new contest, I didn't expect you to launch the same contest. I still have no ideas.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

yeah, i know, i wrestled with the decision for a while.  next one will be a different theme

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Challenger Division Entry!

I chose to use the Gold, Navy & Red colour scheme, with the same logo (obviously with colours changed), but with a modern, but more conservative, style than what they currently have.




The Navy shirt is the main Home jersey, but the Red one looks pretty good as an alt. The main set of pants is the red ones, but the blue ones can be used as a good navy AOC (which will look balanced due to the red helmet and socks) and I just threw the white ones together as a possible white AOC.

I usually don't enter in these contests, cause I always end up forgetting to finish a concept by the deadline. I was at first hesitant to post this cause of the unique striping, but I thought what the heck. If I don't win... I like it anyways.  :P


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Um... was the gold supposed to be the main colour? Or just a complimentary colour like the way I used it? I dunno.

doesn't matter, you can either have it as primary or have it in as secondary...if you're lazy, you can throw gold in as an afterthought. up to you.

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it's over, we'll just go with the four we got.  the Holiday Battle will start tomorrow night, I don't care which holiday you use as long as I can find it on the calendar between end of Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday night, so hopefully the savior's not manure :;):
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