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My LA Kings concept

Le Québécois

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Vraiment beau sérieux !

Tu pourrais mettre la couronne sur les épaules comme Shoulder Patch. Je sais pas si c'était voulu mais les stripes sur les épaules et les bras, on dirais un genre de K à l'envers :P

J'pensais jamais revoir ce logo des kings mais je suis surpris à quel point il parait bien sur ce jersey.

Ça ferait un vraiment bon alternate jersey pour les uniformes actuels des kings !

Sorry for the ones who didn't understand this post but I was feeling a bit weird about writing something in english to another Québécois... :P

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I like this one. I like the "K" effect in the shoulders -- it's unique, without being gaudy. My only gripe is the black striping down the front -- it looks... messy. But other than that, good job, Q!

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Y'all arrr in Mer-cuh. Speak Murican!

Seriously though, I'm not sure if this is what Le Québécois does or if it's another one or French-Canadian buddies, but whenever they make a post in french they provide the English for those who don't know French.

On to the concept:

I like it. The number should be 41 and the name should be Ivanans. The only European born enforcer the Ice Pilots ever had.

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Je parle francais en peu...Je prend le classe de francais a l'ecole.

Cette uniform est beau. Bon travail, ami!

Bonjour Bostonfan 2004,

Wow, your french is quite good. To tell you the truth, it`s way much better than some anglophone living in our province ahahaahah...

I`m happy you liked my concept. Keep the good job in french!

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geoff der idiot, before you crucify me, i speak english. i just respond to french posts in french so i can get practice writing in french

I wasn't crucifying anyone, sorry if it came across that way. It was more directed to allyb96 who acknowledged that he could have posted in English (whether it be the post itself or a translation at the bottom) and didn't.

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