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MLB Concept Series #4: Colorado Rockies


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Concept #1: Texas Rangers

Concept #2: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Concept #3: Toronto Blue Jays

For this concept, I looked at the Royals for inspiration. The Rockies might have the worst identity in the league... purple pinstripes(on a personal note, I hate pinstripes, and will only use them in concepts where the tradition absolutely dictates it), that awful inner-stroke on all of their letters, and the overuse of black, the same color as their division rival Giants.

With the Diamondbacks dropping it, the Rockies are the only purple team in baseball, and I really wanted to bring that out. I thought about fooling with the actual script, but once I took the strokes out, it didn't look that bad.

For the hat, I went with a solid purple, with white lettering and a silver stroke.


For the home jersey, the Rockies script in purple with silver outlining... same with the number on the back, simple collar/sleeve piping, and a very streamlined primary logo as a sleeve patch.


For the road, just pretty much flipped the home. Wanted to keep this look extremely simple and clean, as I mentioned, the Royals look being the inspiration.


I THINK coming up next will be the Indians, who will be my first "risky" concept(except for the ketchup red on the Rangers).

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I at one point in time was working on a Rockies concept where I used the same font only in one solid color, but never finished it. I love how you used it and simplified the whole set. It looks beautiful. You get....an A :P

(One suggestion. Arc the names on the back. Straight across just doesn't work on baseball jerseys.)

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I LOVE the emphasis on purple. Fantastic job!

But I never did like the font the Rockies use. For one thing, when it spells out Rockies, it looks like Rookies. Another, it just doesn't look outdoorsish, Denverish, Rockyish.

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The concept for the home jersey looks a lot like the their first road jersey's in their inaugural season. But not bad concepts.



damn...Louie Anderson really let him self go since the early 90s

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