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It looks realistic. I like it.

Could I get

Miller, Gaustad, Drury, Stafford, Vanek, Pominville, Hecht, Paille

Either of those which ever combo is easier to make.

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What's the maximum amount of guys your doing in each sig?

Well here they are in the rank from top(most wanted) to the bottom.

Dan Alfredsson

Ray Emery

Jason Spezza

Dany Heatley

Mike Fisher

Anton Volchenkov

If they could be smaller to fit all those guys that would be amazing , and just alternate from the home to the road to the alternate, that would be amazing.


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never really noticed how big the difference is between all 3 jerseys.

also..i know the red jersey has alot bigger numbers than the other 2 but i cant fix that now..forgot to save .psd file and those numbers gave me a headahe the entire time. sorry..hope u still like it

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Looks like youre kinda getting flooded with requests... but could you please do:

87 - Crosby

11 - Staal

29 - Felury

71 - Malkin

Thanks in advance.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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