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Okay. I got to take home the laptop from work for a week (said I needed it for something, but really just wanted to use Illustrator ^_^ ), and so I worked on a couple concepts. This is an Astros one I've been thinking about for awhile, with the famous shooting star that everyone wants to come back. I tried updating it a little. After having finished it, I realized I would like to make some changes to it, but again, only had short access to Illustrator and had to return the laptop yesterday, so I have to stick with what I've got for now. Thought I'd go ahead and post it anyway.



For some reason, I kept the pinstripes. Though, now, I'd rather go with something else, but can't change it yet, so it's pinstripes for now.



And the Alternate:


Here's the full wordmark and hat logo set:


I used the Bookman font cause, well, I like it and I thought it'd be a nice update, but last night I had another font come to mind, so next time I have Illustrator access again, I may change this up a bit. I brought back the H-Star logo for the hats, with the Bookman font, it gives it a slight modification, but still pretty close to the original way. You may not be able to tell, but the stars in the wordmark and hat logos are two-toned, kind of the 3D effect. It's ever so slight, not too much of a difference in colors, but kind of a little, again, to give it kind of a modernized feel.

So that's it. Let the shi... I mean, C & C fly.

Here's a version of the away with some orange in it, and an orange version of the alternate (couldn't post anymore images in the original post. ^_^ )



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These are very nice and clean cut....I do have one suggestion, on your 2nd road set of uniforms with the orange letters, I would have a blue hat with an orange bill to help accentuate things

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I wanted to do a sleeve logo, but didn't have enough time. Time was limited, and it was one of the casualties. We can just "envision" there is a sleeve patch. Also, everybody seems to be clamoring for the return of the shooting star, that's why I used it, modified, of course.

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Everything looks great. I wouldnt do the streaking star though. Also, the sleeves are a little plain.

I disagree. I say they're clean.

I like the package very much. I think my favorites are the blue alts. That looks very nice.

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I'm digging this set more than I want to. I'd like to see a little bit more orange on the home set, perhaps somewhere on the cap. Orange bill, orange cap, whatever.

The only other thing I think this really needs is a shooting star over "Houston" on the roads. Otherwise, top-notch concept that I could see the team adopting someday, and wouldn't mind if they did.

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The roads need a little bit of a lighter gray as a base; given the predominance of navy to orange, that darker gray makes for a very dreary concept.

I'd like to see the numbers on the back made a little taller and thicker. They're not much bigger than the player name from what I see.

Orange alt hurts my eyes. Would they let a pitcher pitch wearing that? :P

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I was going off of these, primariyl, where the "Houston" doesn't have the shooting star. But next time I get to take the laptop home, which may be a couple weeks, I'll do some tweaking. Again, I wasn't too crazy about the pinstripes after I finished, but I didn't have any time to change it.


And as for the gray on the road uniforms, I used the gray that they and many other teams use, but I'll try and find one of the lighter shades that are used. All my colors are actual pantones, used in CMYK form, of them or other teams that may use that color. The navy is the Astros' from their navy and gold sets, the orange is from the one before (the last with the H-star) and the "silver" is the Rockies'. The second orange and navy for the tonals in the star are the Orioles' and Brewers'.

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Here's my updated version. I went back to my preferred template on this one. I only had Illustrator for a couple nights, and spent a lot of time working on the designs for our Springfield Cardinals 1st Half Division Champion merchandise.

On the updated version, I ditched the pinstripes and went with an orange-navy-orange triple piping to kinda give it an old timey feel. I know they have the most futuristic nickname, but they play in a very old time themed stadium, so I figured this was a little bit of an in between. I changed up the fonts, to birch, didn't have a whole lotta time to try and customize something so I had to settle. I'm not to crazy about the numerals, but time, again, was limited. I also added the shooting star to Houston on the aways.

The wordmarks kinda look squooshed or too low on the jersey for some reason. It really was not my intention for that, so if you can kind of overlook it in your remarks, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, bigger thing. I added some yellow. It's the yellow the Orioles use for the diamond in their primary logo. I've used it for them in the past, in this manner, but may not be able to do anything for them in the near future, so I just passed on to the 'Stros instead. It helps, I think, contribute to the classic feel.




For the sleeve patch, I just changed up the coloring of the H-Star logo. I kinda liked out it turned out. For the alt. sleeve patch, however, I didn't want that logo repeated 3 times on one set, and I didn't have time to come up with something else, so I left it plain for now. Thought about just putting the "Astros" wordmark with the shooting star on there, but decided against it.

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