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St. Patricks Day jersey for Fantasy Team


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Are you going to mock-auction these simulated-game worn concept jerseys off of your fantasy players' backs? The jersey looks nice. Perhaps change the headress/feathers colors to a more festive orange or green. I think it's awesome that your fantasy team is doing promotions like a St. Patty's Day celebration.

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I really like this for a number of reasons. I think having to ethnic influense in one design is incredibly interesting. Also, I just love Irish designs (Scotch Irish heritage). Green and Navy just go so well together. I would outline the shamrock in blue as suggested earlier. But i love putting the shamrock behind the team logo insteam of just doing a green jersey and an armpatch.

It would be interesting to see a team like the Cardinals (homer time), reapply their logo on the St Patricks Day jersey in blue and gold tones. Instead of a yellow bat, use a Gold one and surround the whole thing in navy instead of white.

I just might have to desgin a logo or uni's for my fantasy football team, the St Louis Drinking Irish (Greatest and Best Bowl I champion).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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