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Yes, another signature set


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Just playing around came up with a new concept for a sig. If you want one tell me team, player(s), and logo to use.


OR if you just want to represent a whole team tell me which logos to use in it.


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Here's the Ovechkin, I made a makeshift jersey from the All-star jersey (pretty convenient) but I couldn't find a shoulder logo and I had to use the only Capitals font from about 3 days ago. Well enough with the explanation...


Mr. Colaiacovo


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These looks reaaaally cool. Could I Get Vincent Lecavalier and Chris Higgins ? (If you do just one of them, do Vinny please. By the way, Chris Higgins is the number 21 of the Montreal Canadiens, if you don't know him).

Thx man awesome work !

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Oh yeah. I forgot he hasn't worn the new uniform, or that the fonts aren't available yet. Excellent work though. That makeshift ASG jersey works fairly well.


You forgot there hasn't been a game since the jerseys came out 2 days ago ;)

I'll work on the other two requests when I get a chance.

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I'm preparing myself for NBA season, and I love these sigs. A combination of these leads me to this request:

Could I please get a Michael Redd for the Bucks, preferrably driving to the lane or holding his arm up like after he makes a three. Regular logo is great.

Thank you.

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