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Syracuse Orange


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This is more of a tweak to their current set, but i think the small tweaks make it look more complete.

-First off, numbers off of the helmet...just seems like its not needed.

-Secondly, added a small "SYRACUSE" to the front of each jersey.

-Third, bringing back the white pants for some sets.

Let me know what ya think...



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Nice work.

I'd go with orange pants for home and away, if you're going to use the navy jersey as the primary. The only reason for keeping white pants around would be for an orange alternate, to keep the players from looking like human carrots.

I may be in the minority on this, but I like the lack of white on the navy jerseys.

And I think that Mings is right - the pants stripes should be reflected on the helmet. Didn't they use to have navy/white/navy a few years back (McNabb era)? It could be done, with or without white in the middle.

More than anything, though, I'd just like to see Syracuse pick one :censored: design style and stick with it. Ever since 'Melo left the school, they've had one design after another in their two big-ticket sports (not counting lacrosse), and while the quality of the designs have varied somewhat, none of them have been given a fair chance. Stop doing the Oregon of the East thing, choose a style, and stick with it already!

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Great work. You kept it classy and retro, which I like.

I agree that the helmets should have the numbers. I really like the home and away with the orange pants. I also noticed that Syracuse was in different colors on the aways, don't know if that's on purpose or what but no big deal.

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