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Eastern Michigan Rebranding


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  • 3 weeks later...

So the 7th has come and gone, and all they have to show is a crappy slogan, a PowerPoint that looks like it was put together in 5 minutes, some really dull billboards and a logo that looks like it came from clip art (not to mention some dumba** forgot to leave whitespace around the logos).


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They should go back to Hurons.

Agreed, if Central Michigan can be the Chippewas, then Eastern can be the Hurons.

Just as long as EMU doesn't bring in the Flying E. :D

Your sig is humongous. Tone it down there, champ.


What are you talking about, it's not that big.

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Making changes to your logo isn't going to make covered up murders go away!!

Eastern has a very tarnished image around this part of the state, and a growing bad reputation around the country. They're doing everything in their power to get away from their poor image. Whatever they think will work.

The E logo looks weird to me. Are the curves inside the E supposed to represent something? Is there a hidden image I'm missing?

PS: Unrelated to logos: Jones Soda has put out a commemorative bottle in the memory of Laura Dickinson, the girl murdered on EMU campus. If anyone finds any could you please let me know. Laura was a member of the Crew team (rowing), and so was my girlfriend. Members of the team are looking for them but having no luck. If you find any please let me know so I can inform the girls. Much appreciated!


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