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NBA button things


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Something i've been working on.

Like most of my concepts, simple, but I like em.

As for requests, assuming people want em, since I am very busy, this is how it'll work.

REQUESTS posted TODAY will ONLY be made, because today and tomorrow I can work on them, but not during the week, next weekend I might continue.

Now, I am only doing NBA, with the possibility of NFL later on...

So, because I am taking requests in ONLY today, each person can request upto 5 sigs/avatars.

Here are a few samples, just tell me what style you'd like with which team, thanks.

C&C welcome.


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These are pretty sweet.

I'm waiting as patiently as I can for you to get done with that site :]] haha

It's a good thing you ask about the site.

A few things, my contract ends in November and I am uncertain if I will resign.

I would hate for the site to go down, but I did not get as much visitors as expected, perhaps over time the site would gain popularity.

The site will most likely stay as it is now, as I am short for time. If you need a logo, just tell me which one, and what size...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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