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Calgary towers


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***edit these are the next draft--all comments between this & my next post were for the first design****

I posted these on the thread for the league--but for those of you who wouldn't normally check that out here's my rough draft of unis for the Calgary Towers--I have some ideas for touch ups and changes--but would like some input before going ahead (if any of you suggest what I'm thinking, that will confirm it)

I've used one of STL Fanatic's templates.

Please keep in mind this was done in paint.




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The way I'm seeing this is that there are two "tops" of the tower. Why not just one?

The "Towers" script could be bigger and tighter to the collar, and the number on the front could similarly be tighter to the "Towers" script.

Ideally you start with the logo, and work off of that to make the jersey. That said, these are an excellent start, especially considering you're using Paint. :)

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Maybe yup shoudl have the tower only on the side of teh uniform it dont look right on the front in fact a fun idea maybe have the tower star on the shorts and go up to the jersey on the side.

I would also make a better Towers wordmark its too small and too plain.

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Thanks for those comments--and anyone else who wants to add--please do so.

Some of those comments were things I was thinking of--but others were unexpected--and I have some ideas for reworking these--as I said it is a first draft and they were put together fairly quickly.

I do like the idea of a silhouette for the tower--and the full side idea--those may take a bit of time with what I have to work with, but I'll give them a shot.

As far as expected comments--I was expecting one on the use of black & yellow--the only problem is that the reds look better with the yellow numbers than white, and I had trouble getting yellow to work on the white unis. I'm not decided on the font, and maybe I'll try an outlined font and work in yellow that way. So I'm still bouncing around ideas there too.

If anyone has any suggestions for fonts, wordmarks, etc--let me know-I'd appreciate it.

And again thanks for the comments.

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Taking all these comments into consideration (and some other ideas as well) I have posted new uni designs... at this point minus the team name & numbers which I am still working on--any comments, suggestions or even actual word marks would be appreciated--thanks.

The colours are now red, black (& white as trim)

And here is the logo--


Thanks again...

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I like the new color scheme.  Definately a positive dropping the yellow.  ON the other hand, I'd try scaling the top of tower logo and place it above the name on the back of the jersey, sort of like some NBA teams are doing. (knicks, mavs, etc.)  On the sides of the unis, try some simple swoosh side panel.  the towers on the side is unique but not that fashionable, unless this is supposed to be a retro look.  Hope this helps.
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I have a different idea. I may have to make it up sometime soon.

That'd would great--if you do one, I'd love to see it.

And Tank--thanks--I am working on the script, and with what I've got to work with, who knows when it'll be ready...but I have some time before the next season starts.  I plan to finish this, even if I don't use it--for the experience in designing and putting a concept out there for comments. At the very least they could be my "Vintage" jerseys--- :D

cward--glad I'm no longer hurting your eyes...I tried all the colour combinations with this design--and red, black & white came out on top.  As to the jersey suggestion--it may be tough as it is more of a vertical logo-but maybe...

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Okay--as I posted above--if the stripes on the shorts are both towers--the tower should be on both sides of the jersey--

So I did a copy & paste--with image flip to see what it would look like--and it's not as good-

However--2 things occur to me--

1-Most of the tower will still be on the side of the player's jersey--so probably not as vivible from the front-

2-Even if it is--there dould still be just a tower on one side and not the other--but I'm not sure on this--

I still haven't been satisfied with any wordmark idea, but I'm working on it.  When I have that I may post the uni with towers on both sides, and jsut with it on one--as above--

For now though any comment on these new thoughts?

I also would appreciate any further comments, suggestions, etc on what I've done so far.  The ones already posted were  helpful.


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Here is the next step in my Towers uniform concept--

(Didn't a lot of time for comments on the post above--but they're still welcome)



Using paint did skew the colour, and part of the lettering a bit. The Towers name on the red jerseys was clear and easy to see before I saved it as a jpeg in oreder to post it--the nameplate was too hard to read in black--and outlining the black didn't work--so I went with white.

I also actually used Publisher for part of this redesign...

(And since I don't need these for awhile--I have to time to try an alternate too)

So any other comments, ideas, etc are always welcome--


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the calgary towers......just dosnt sund right to me. just change the tower desighn to match the cn tower, and we have nice looking unis for the raptors new arch rivals, the toronto towers!

Hmmm--the CN Tower is called the CN Tower--

But if a Toronto team wanted to call itself the TOronto Towers--I think it would be a good name--

However there IS a Calgary Tower-

Calgary Tower

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