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Boston's High vs. South Florida's Low


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It's interesting to look and see how the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Boston College are all having great seasons. The Boston Bruins aren't doing too bad either as they're right in the thick of it.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins are 0-9, the Miami Heat are 1-5 (barely), the Florida Panthers are up and down, and the Miami Hurricanes got blown out in their last game ever at the OB (let's not forget about how bad FIU is, but do they really count?). So basically every Boston team is great, and every South Florida team is horrendous.

What's funny is that not long ago the Heat, Marlins, and Hurricanes each won championships just like some of the Boston teams. However, when Boston wins a championship they keep the ball rolling. When a South Florida team wins a championship, they drop the ball altogether and fall off of the face of the earth. South Florida teams never look like "defending champions" right after a title, and now EVERY SINGLE team looks terrible.

It all points back to management. I don't know what it is about Boston teams, but they're run very well. South Florida teams on the other hand are often run quite poorly...but they've managed to hit a few home runs by some stroke of luck here or there (i.e. acquiring Shaq for his last good season and acquiring the right manager to push the Marlins into the World Series). Anyways, I'm just noticing how a little in the front office goes a long way. I don't know what it is in the front office, but obviously that has a lot to do with it.

I guess it could be worse though. I've seen front offices do the right things and still aren't able to win. In fact I can think of plenty of teams like that. Sports (and life) is a weird animal in its own right. That's for sure. :blink:

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The Celtics mortgaged the farm on KG and Rey Allen. It's risky management, but I wouldn't necessarily call it good.

I wouldn't go calling a 5-0 start risky... :D

"Don't mean a thing without the ring."

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