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Nashville Predators Concept


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Just a little concept I came up with one night! I thought about Nashville and not doing a full identity change but a substantial enough change that you would definitely see a difference not just a uniform change! So colours, logo changed, name stayed the same. I based it and the colours on the Tennessee flag and the rest is what you see! Let me know what you think! I say it didn't turn out too badly!




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Wow. Kudos for thinking outside the box. I've often wondered if the Predators would look better with a different color set. I'm not totally sure whether you answered that question for me. I do like the red and blue, but it's missing something. It looks too Blue Jackety.

I really like the sleeve striping. It looks traditional, yet fresh. That's pretty hard to accomplish. I think it would look great on an Edge jersey.

I've gotta say that I really don't like the wordmark or logo too much. The negative space in the face of the logo looks really weird.

A few areas that you may want to address: Blue numbers on a blue stripe (the white jersey)? Would this concept look better if you added an accent color (maybe light blue to tie it to another Tennessee team)?

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+ Kept the name.

+ Kept the team in Nashville. (That would've been unheard of on here about six months ago!)

+ I like the jersey template. Like Jezus_Shoti said, it's traditional to satisfy the majority of hockey fans (on here especially) but edgy to satisfy the fact that the PREDS are a non-traditional market. I'd try to make it slightly edgier to reflect and maybe change the collar from the Buffalo style to either the tie-down or "triangular" collar.


- The logo is, um, interesting, but there's just something about it that I just don't like.

- I do not like the wordmark either. I don't like how it looks independently (nearly illegible, especially on the third kit), and I don't the discontinuity between the wordmark and the jersey numerals. That is one thing that I've always loved about the PREDS current wordmark and numeral font: it's carries over well to the back of the jersey. (...and it's slanted like NASCAR numerals. :D )

- Although I appreciate the use of the colours of Tennessee's state flag, it just doesn't work. First, they do look too much like CBJ. Second, blue and gold are the official colours of the City of Nashville.

- I like that the Tri-Star emblem was integrated into the design, but it just doesn't work w/o being tied into the primary logo at all. Also, it should always be a blue circle w/ white stars, just like the flag. (And I bet the state of Tennessee would actually have a few things to say about their "logo" being used w/o their permission/blessing. The Titans had to do quite a bit of wheeling and dealing to get the stars in their logo legally.)

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My problem with this concept is that it looks too much like the Columbus Blue Jackets. The color, the jersey style, the mediocre play, the low attendance....

I kid, but anyways, it just doesn't stand out that much in my opinion.

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Alrighty then...a complete overhaul! Thought the idea of using the Tennessee colour would have been cool, but after second and third looks, they did sorta have a Blue Jackets feel to them! So I went back to the original colours after realizing (thanx to k2bf) that blue and gold were Nashville's official colours, and changed the logo as well. I think this one expresses a fresh new feel and everything really works well!

EDIT: I fixed (hopfully) the whole teeth issue! I think it...well...it doesn't look like a mustache anymore!!




C&C always welcome!

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I like the second much better, but on the logo the teeth resemble one of those karate-master mustaches more than they do saber-teeth. And as teeth, since they are not white, they blend in with the stroke around the logo and look as if they are behind his head. Fix those teeth and your on the right track.

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i thought your first logo was much better if you fixed the negative space issue...it's a really strong image

The more I was at it though, I started to like the second one a lot more because almost all of the Nashville logos if not all, are side on or close to it! I like the forward facing one better, just have to thicken up the teeth some, now that I look at it more!

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Much better! Just a few more quick fixes:

- As everyone else said, make the teeth bigger and lighter-coloured.

- Change the shading of the ears. They get lost on the dark jersey.

- Change the numeral colours on the white set to blue and make the helmets for each set identical.

The only other thing I could possibly gripe about is the shade of yellow you used. Personally, I think it should be brightened up a bit so it'll pop a little more and won't be as easily muddied by the dark blue and navy. (That's just my personal opinion, though.)

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