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Original Seals Jersey?


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Isn't that a smidge inaccurate, having the anniversary patch on there (worn in Dallas, no?) along with that font (used in Minnesota)?

I also met the DtP guys at the All-Star stuff, too. They asked me about the jersey I was wearing (my Aurora jersey). Rich, one of the guys involved in DtP, plays in the league I play in (in a much higher level).

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When i went to the main page, i saw these NORTH Stars jerseys on here, I saw them in person too at the all star festivities the other week, someone had a game-worn booth up, and I just LOVE the green on here, it was a shame when it got changed to darker when they went to Dallas. :down:

North Stars jersey

Actually they switched colours before they moved to Dallas.

But I too prefer the green--in fact I prefer their jerseys pre-any black--I had an older style road jersey of theirs that I wore until it fell apart.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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