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Buffalo Pro Hockey


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looking for a logo for my new team...

Your Team Name - Blast or Stampede

Your Team City - Buffalo NY

Where it will be used - Jersey, Print, everywhere

Colors - am open to suggestion

Contact Info - Joe Kolodziej buffaloprohockey@yahoo.com

Wordmark, logo, alt - all needed? yes

File Format Desired - PC

Version of Software - Adobe or what ever

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asap. i would like to have this done very quickly. i plan on naming th coach soon, so would like to do at the same time. how long do you need? joe

If you need it done very quickly then count me out... too much college work.

I encourage everyone here to take a stab at it.


Chris Creamer
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Threw this together in a few minutes. Not really stunningly good or anything, but you may like it.


Any comments or suggestions?

Only one suggestion... make an original logo. I don't think Zephyr Hats would appreciate them using the U of Colorado X-Line logo.

Sorry if this comes across as a little harsh, but you really shouldn't be passing off this as your own.

The wordmark is original, so feel free to submit that.

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Actually didn't know it was X-Line's hat logo honestly. My friend sent it to me and said to use it. I asked him if it was his and he said yea. Sorry for that. I'll be sure to hurt him ^_^

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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Wow that is very good pixel.

Brass your concept is ok but it seems abit rough and outdated if this was for the orginal 6 cntest and made to look like the 1967 seaon it would be perfect.



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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i like it, a little close to what the sabres have now tho isnt it? just afraid big mr G. will come after me. i like the color combo, i want to stay away from the black and red the sbres use now, but hey be creative. i am open to anything. thanks for helping everyone i appreciate it. joe kolodziej

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Here is my first attempt


that looks an awful lot like this....


it ain't mine, and i know it ain't yours. for god's sake, stop trying to pawn other people's work off as your own. i can't believe you didn't even try to edit the shape of the buffalo to look a little different.

honestly, buffaloprohockey, i hope this doesn't leave a bad impression of our forum. there truly are alot of talented designers in this forum, i'm sure someone will step up with something ORIGINAL.

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