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Project Rafale Question


Project Rafale has been complete for some time, and I want to stir things up a bit in a snowcap kinda way. Should I change the NHL jerseys, add WHA/AHL ones, or live and let live?  

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whatever is cool.

I don't actually 'get' the rafale obsession anyway.

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MBA Rafale?

NFL Rafale?

NBA Rafale?

I like the sounds of that. Give me some time (and TheSLE logos), and I'll think about it...

*grins like Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef*

In the meantime, I think I'll get to work on editing the current NHL jerseys to my content.

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Hey Suigi, would you like to team up together and wanna do these projects , or do you wanna fly solo. I'm VERY interested in doing something like a Project Rafale.

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what the hell is ccslc?



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