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New NHL Goalie changes


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I always wanted to start something that highlighted all the new equipment the goalies wear in the NHL. Being a goalie myself, I'm always picking apart the new equipment NHL goalies wear.

There were some already discussed in the Logo forum, but here are a couple of new ones I like...

Marty Turco


My guess is that these are the newest version of the Reeboks yet to hit the market. I think they look sharp, one of my favorites.

Johan Hedberg


Did he make these himself? I can't even tell what company makes these. However, I like the simplicity of these. He could of gone with an array of colors but he chose 2. Wise choice.

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Kipper has a new white mask and pads



And he has the old Alternate logo the fire horse on the back of the mask can't find a pic though

His masks just get worse and worse.

Luongo's got new white pads.

Actually this is one of my favorite masks you can call me biased but still only problem is i wish it still had kipper written on the chin instead of 34

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It seems almost half of the league is now wearing RBK Premier IIIs. Most of them look like clones too, white base with team colors as accents. Off the top of my head only Mike Smith in Tampa and Garon's vintage set are using a non-white base. Add Huet of Chicago.

Also, RBK branding has been replaced by REEBOK. Even on the Vector line which is unchanged cosmetically otherwise. See Kolzig, Brodeur.

Itech has a new set out, X10 maybe? Bauer has a new Vapor set.

No idea what Hedberg's wearing there. He's been with Eagle the last couple seasons.

And the most interesting to me is Jonas Hiller of the Ducks. The pads are obviously constructed to the new specs yet he keeps the ooooold Koho 580 design.

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