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Halifax Hellfish Unveil Logo And Unis


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HALIFAX-- Owner Bill Livingstone is proud is unveil the identity for Major League Football's 4th Canadian franchise, the Halifax Hellfish. The team will sport Black, Burnt Red-Orange, and Golden Yellow while playing in the brand new, 65,000 seat EastCoast Stadium. The uniforms were designed by epper, and go on sale at the stadium proshop later this week.

Lemme know what you guys think, i think epper did a great job on these, and YES, i know the name Hellfish is from the simpsons!


Halifax Hellfish Logo w/ Wordmark


Halifax Hellfish Uniforms and Helmet


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you are not the first to take a team name from the Simpsons look at the Albuqurque Isotopes.

I must say it is a cool looking logo though so you did a great job.



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Hey K,

Overall I really like this whole set. My only issue with it is if you look real quick it looks a little like it's a shrimp with a fish head smoking a cigar, until it hits you that it's his arm. I think if you extended the body down to were the wordmark is on the main logo it would look a little better. On the helmet it's not as big a deal.

But again, overall i really do like it.....

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I like it, and appreciate that you paid hommage to the Simpsons, but calm down guys, this isn't a "cool looking logo so you did a great job" this is a direct copy from the show.

I WILL say that the uniform adaptation of the Simpsons drawing is well done. I like the black helmet on orange jersey.

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is FOX cool with that? they're notorious for keeping their properties close to the vest. Groening has stated in the past overlooking (knowing it's nothing he felt like pursuing himself) the infringement, and even liked some of the knockoffs like "Black Bart", "Rasta Bart", and "Pananma Bart" T-shirts.

i do like the overall look especially the helmet striping, good use of the logos.

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