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Toronto Raptors Concept


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Allow me to offer a dissenting opinion. I actually rather like the black and gold combination. I do agree that the execution could be a little better inasmuch as it could be cleaned up a bit.

The only gripe I have is with the shorts. The front view's stripes don't continue as they should on the back view. I would also like to see the full body raptor logo as well.

The numeral font is another thing I'd switch. I'd find a way to make it at least look like it matches the script. As it stands now, you have a post-modern futuristic-type numeral font with the jagged Toronto/Raptors wordmarks.


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I'd really like to see you put in more rainbow colors. And if possibly, make dark pink the prominent color, IMO. It looks okay but again, rainbow colors.


What's wrong with me? Anyway I would like to see red (very original color choice, eh?).

1/27/09- It was me, and I am sorry.

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Its got potential. I like that you tried something new though. Try using the curved line tool in paint. Its your friend. So the the magnifying glass. This could go somewhere, but it needs a lot of work.


On a side note this is my 13 13 post.

(13 is my fav number but it also is ironic that today a had a HORIBLE day is 13 is an unlucky number)


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