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TRADE! ARI sends Scherzer to SEA for Beltre/Batista


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...April Fools joke?

Hardly. Scherzer and Beltre both have to pass physicals. Each has had shoulder issues. Scherzer was recently placed on the DL, although that's primarily to open a roster spot until the club needs a 5th starter. Beltre had offseason surgery.

For Arizona, the move addresses the awful 3B defense played by Mark Reynolds, but the price is very high, IMO. Beltre is a free agent after the season, so unless the Diamondbacks sign him to a long-term deal, they've give up a big piece of the future for a rental.

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If this is in fact NOT an April Fools joke, can't it just go under the 2009 MLB thread? I mean, it's not like this trade is really a "blockbuster" -- not to me anyways.


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