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MLB Logo Concepts


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I have put together a few MLB logos. They are for the Cardinals, Orioles, Rockies, Tigers, Yankees, A's, Royals, and the Angels.

Completed Logos:

Cardinals-posted update near middle of page(post #8)

Orioles-posted directly below

Rockies-posted near bottom of page (post #11)

Tigers-posted at bottom of page (post #16)

Yankees-page 2

A's-page 3

Royals-page 3

Angels-page 3

Here is a Cardinals logo I "created". It is based off of the All Star Game logo. In fact, it is really just an edited ASG logo. I do not want to take a lot of credit for this, as I simply edited it in paint. But still, I think it would make a good alt. logo for the Cards. C+C please. The updated version is posted below.


Update below

And the Orioles. I used the idea of the old logo with the cartoon bird in the center, but put the new bird logo in it. I also used the B from the Baltimore script. I think it looks good alone and could be used on a cap. C+C please.

Here is the updated cartoon bird logo:


Here is my updated bird version:


Here is the B logo:


Rockies logo posted at bottom of the page. Yankees logo on page 2.

Again, these are really just modified versions of existing logos. I think they would make good logos as I designed them. C+C please!

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Thanks to all for the feedback do far. I will consider your suggestions. Meanwhile, I have a new logo to post. It is a Colorado Rockies logo I put together. It takes the mountains from the current primary logo and the CR logo into a diamond. I also have a version without bases on it if that would look better. C+C please!


EDIT: I realize the Rockies logo looks a little blurry. I'm not exactly why that would be. It is a png file. Anyway, C+C on the logo.

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This is a good idea, however, I think you could execute it much better. The CR logo needs to go. I don't know why, it just looks odd to me to have it in their. Maybe if you replaced it with an arched wordmark that would work. These are all nice ideas, keep up the good work.

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Quich update-I am working on a Detroit Tigers logo and so far it looks good. I will post it when it is finished. Hopefully tomarrow it will be finished. Stick around!

EDIT: Finished product posted below.

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