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Create-a-School Uniform/Logo customization in NCAA Football '10


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It's pretty lame they only give you 12 slots and make you buy more though.

What is even worse, is that even if you buy more slots ($10 for the 120 max I think), you can still only import 12 created teams into a dynasty. So it isn't really even worth it to buy the extra slots.

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360 users now have no restrictions to downloading teams like PS3. Its hard to find 360 teams though since you can't search by gamertag on PS3 and vice versa. You can find teams though by typing in the teams name and then sorting them by download count. Just use the TB site as a reference to how many downloads the team you want has and then find the one with the matching number.

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dp, Glendale University is available to Download, just look up Glendale U

I would also like to add, whoever did the Glendale Demons, did a :censored:ty job, helmet should be red, eyes are not on the uniforms at all.

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