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  1. Appears to be some sort of throwback You can see there is "retro" merch here:
  2. Some speculation about throwbacks for Oregon in the Rose Bowl based on this new Jordan PE featuring throwback logos and colors
  3. Perhaps it's time to make an appointment with an eye doctor
  4. Or even just change where the photographer takes the picture
  5. From a fan perspective/jersey fanatic, I think it's great that I could see more of a variety of uniforms on any given game I attend, especially when it's a team I've seen before. Same with home teams wearing away colors at home, unless you travel, you likely would never see your team in that color. That being said, some of these uniform matchups are grossly mismanaged and do look WRONG.
  6. Font based on this S we used to draw as kids?
  7. A step in the right direction but we're still a ways away from NCAA video games. As much as I'd like to believe EA was developing a game behind the scenes waiting for this news, that just isn't logical. But it's better news than we've had in a long time!!
  8. It's true, but the functionality of it does not appease the sports logo boards. Similar functionality is seen in the Nike shorts which sit better on the legs and allow more free movement, but it jacks up the stripes.
  9. I it really THAT hard from a TV viewing perspective?
  10. I too wonder if the men will follow suit and drop the basketball font as well. It'll be a sad day when they abandon that font. To me it matches the "Oregon" font from the redesign so much better than this new block
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing the wallpaper Wednesday combo from this week with the new nightmare green elements
  12. The cuts in the short actually do allow for less restrictive movement of your legs. The short no longer gets caught on your knee. I own a pair of Oregon fan shorts but they have that same cut and I do notice that is different. From a design standpoint though they are restrictive and I dislike them for that.
  13. Can't unsee that horrendous job of spacing the logo, name, and number on the back. Oof
  14. Hope Oregon gets the same treatment for our 1939 championship we cling onto
  15. Does this confirm the usage of "nightmare green" instead of black on the yellow uniforms? Not sure I ever saw anything official about that switch.