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  1. I too wonder if the men will follow suit and drop the basketball font as well. It'll be a sad day when they abandon that font. To me it matches the "Oregon" font from the redesign so much better than this new block
  2. Wouldn't mind seeing the wallpaper Wednesday combo from this week with the new nightmare green elements
  3. The cuts in the short actually do allow for less restrictive movement of your legs. The short no longer gets caught on your knee. I own a pair of Oregon fan shorts but they have that same cut and I do notice that is different. From a design standpoint though they are restrictive and I dislike them for that.
  4. Can't unsee that horrendous job of spacing the logo, name, and number on the back. Oof
  5. Hope Oregon gets the same treatment for our 1939 championship we cling onto
  6. Does this confirm the usage of "nightmare green" instead of black on the yellow uniforms? Not sure I ever saw anything official about that switch.
  7. Duckies going all green for the home opener
  8. Kind of makes the Nike NBA stripes look a little less egregious
  9. @j'villejags I know it's kind of moot to even argue color perception, and the evidence I'm providing can be picked apart because you never know the photo settings, but from my own experience attending games, the last time Oregon rocked the darker green it was noticeably different depending on the lighting that day Here is a daytime shot from an overcast day Same game, after the sun went down And in direct sunlight I expect this new shade of green to similarly change shades depending on the lighting conditions. Oregon rocked these military green uniforms on an overcast day. Thanks for the back up @upperV03
  10. See I disagree, I believe the cloudy, cold, and diffuse lighting of a typical Oregon fall day will brighten the green up quite a bit to something closer to the studio shots.
  11. Boy, the retail version is PLAIN without the additional patches. It's a crime to charge above $75 for that.
  12. Wouldn't be shocked if we see the two sets you predicted. Wouldn't be the first time Oregon has had two different away jerseys.
  13. Interesting that now Oregon and OSU will feature a shoulder stripe
  14. More Warriors alternates leaking