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af2 Barnstormers create helmet on cap


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Needs to be a Flexfit so the straps of the goggles can wrap all the way around. It's cute, but I'd never wear it.
if the hat was one of those form-fit or flex-fit or whatever they're called (no velcro and no straps!), and if the hat was the same color as the helmet without any black brim, then you'd really have something

This would be much better. (Quick PS job)


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Yeah, it's cute but just doesn't translate.

Like the Eagles' wings or Rams' horns, they'd look pretty stupid on a cap.

I disagree with the latter sentiment. A little. A good football helmet, like the Vikings horns, would look pretty stupid on a cap. Except when watching a football game. Then it would look freakin' awesome. They oughta sell that kind of cap for every team. An embarrassment six days of the week, but a thing of beauty on game day.

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