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Loverboy Digs the Old Flying V Canucks Jersey (78-84)


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I'm pretty sure they were from Vancouver, but I could be wrong.

According to Wikipedia, they're from Calgary, but are "currently based" in Vancouver.

What I find most humorous is that they recorded the "Team Theme" for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. Seriously, couldn't the USOC have dug up an American band to do that?

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Random? They took a play out of Mick Foley's mantra "Cheap Pop" by wearing a sweater of the town they're in.

The description says:

Vintage Loverboy performing Working for the weekend LIVE from Vancouver Canada! 5/21/82

If there's anything random, it's the explanation of why you're watching 27 year old Loverboy concert footage, ProvidenceRI! ;)

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