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Custom Cover for NHL 10


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Hey guys, I have worked with photoshop for around 1 1/2 to 2 years and this is my second true attempt at a video game cover


What do you guys think of it, The obvious problem i can see is that some people might think Nabby is too blended in with the effects and not visable enough, or do you guys like it like that? I like that style

also, sorry about the size of the picture and file, i was working with the canvas at 33.3% so long that i forgot it was this big

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lol, i used a texture of ice to get some skate marks over it, so technically he is :D

But i pretty much had to use that picture of Nabby, not alot of big high res picures of a russian goaltender from a california ice hockey team floating around the net :(

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I really, really like that cover.

Very professional looking.

I think I'd make the player a bit more visible though, by either toning down the effects or highlighting the player in some way.

Great work, but I think it could be even better!

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If you bring Nabby "forward" alittle. Like, behind less effects, then highlight him more itd be perfect.

One thing id suggest is turning up the contrast kinda high, then taking down the saturation. Also, a tiny bit of diffuse glow with no graininess. Thatll help make Nabs look alittle more like guys on actual EA Covers do, Ive found.

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