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*Toronto now up!* Bringing Minor League Ball Back To Canada


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The other day, I was thinking about the lack of pro/minor-pro baseball in Canada and I decided I could create a concept for a Minor League team. After researching a few Canadian cities and their culture, etc., I found that Winnipeg has a high Aboriginal population. I figured that the Winnipeg Warriors would be a nice (kinda generic) nickname, inspired by the Native culture. To be honest, the colours don't really have much signifigance other than that they looked good. I'll work on the uniforms tomorrow and maybe post them tomorrow night. So, here you are.





C&C please.

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I was a little concerned how this logo would look when it was shrunk down, but it actually looks really good! I agree with NEW.ERA.PANDA, the only modification I think would improve this design is making it look more like a "dream catcher" (below).


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I got the unis done, the home and away are pretty unique with their piping. The alternates are pretty simple. I wouldn't usually do the different colour sleeves but it's a minor league team and I thought it looked good here.



I also made an update to the secondary to make it look more like a dream catcher. If you folks like it more than the original, I'll update the other logos aswell.


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The S looks passable but the G doesn't work. Everything is great except these two letters on the jerseys.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? Maybe just not make it bigger?

It's a good question, one option is to like you said, not actually have it bigger at the end.

Another is like the Nationals logo, making every letter progressively smaller and then larger.


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That's pretty cool. Patchez, are all these people sending you their vector artwork or are you achieving these results by getting the screenshots, then converting (tracing) to vector?

I prefer vectors, but I have done some auto-tracing in AI.

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Wow! Thanks a lot Patchez. You're work is absolutely amazing. This kind of thing makes me wish I had PS/AI.

I'm thinking of making this into kind of a mini-series for Minor League teams in Canada. Good or bad idea?

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After doing a little research, I've decided to make this into a series, bringing back baseball to Canada. My goal is to make a team for each of Canada's 10 largest metropolitan areas. The next team will be from London, Ontario and will be up some time today. Also, expect an update for Winnipeg soon.

Edit: The teams wil not have any affiliation and won't be in any certain leagues. This is just fo' fun!

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This could be a really cool series. I'll admit I'm pretty stoked. I certainly am looking forward to what I hope will be a return for the Ottawa Lynx and Edmonton Trappers. Two great canadian baseball team nicknames. I don't have much for advice as that Winnipeg Warriors set is damn near impeccable. Although I do have to side with pretty much all the other comments as far as capitalizing the last letter of the WinnipeG and the WarriorS. It just isn't necessary as the uniforms you have would already stand out without it since they are brown and orange. Also the font just isn't very "native" and if you want to convey a "warrior" image you should probably change it. Maybe something a little more conventional as far as baseball fonts go. Even though the Cleveland Indians have a racist logo, they do have a solid script.

If you want more teams, I'd envision a 21 team Canadian league would look like this:














St. Catherines










Moncton/St. John, N.B.

Just a thought. Anyways, keep up the good work.

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If you want more teams, I'd envision a 21 team Canadian league would look like this:

Baseball leagues generally aren't odd numbered. Not saying there's a problem with that, but usually leagues that get stuck with odd number of teams (see the Atlantic and Can-Am Leagues) usually field a road team so that one team is not sitting idle for three - four days.

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