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New Pringles Packaging


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I always like how pringles never makes a huge change to their label, but always a small change, like its evolving, THATS how to make changed to the label.

Also I like the new wordmark and how the dot of the i is a chip.

It's not a chip, its a crisp :P

That is a nice touch, though.

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Weird, I work in a grocery store and haven't seen either of these. I like them though.

the new pringles are showing up. More so on the original, sc/o, BBQ and honey mustard. on the chex i only really saw one case that had the new packaging. the rest i've seen have been the old packaging. whats wierd though is the Pringles website still has the old packaging. so its pretty new and will take it abit to circulate to the grocery stores. Now the Chex mix website features the new Chex Mix packaging. I actually like both designs, especially on the Chex Mix. I find it to be a cleaner and more fluid design.

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Yea, Pringles has made some changes, but they never really strayed too far from the classic design. Their guy in the logo looks like he has a new hairdo, and the bowtie's still there; it just doesn't contain the word "Pringles" in it anymore. All this talking makes me want to get a can of the stuff...I might do it (either way, the packaging/marketing is working when it gets you thinking of that). :D

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