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3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial


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okay guys. one more for you.

this is a little more advanced and there is room for a bit more customisation with the layers. i have also now added the shadowing and

occulsion passes so that you now should have the capability to add backgrounds. i guess its a sort of diy kit for backgrounds.

so to start with, here is the layer guide you will need to construct the new mask.

you will notice there are more layers now. this isnt any more stuff than in previous templates, i previously compressed layers together.

the masking is the same as in previous templates.


the transfer mode order is as follows:

ambient occlusion - multiply

reflection - screen

ambient - screen

shadow- multiply

specular - screen

helmet colour/ background colour - normal (this isnt in the images below, im sure you can create your own block colour or do whatever you want with it.






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This is what I came up with combining your newest set with a background from one of my wallpapers.


Thanks again for the amazing work you put into these.

think youve gotten your horizon line in the wrong place there bro.

for reference in marked on the helmet colour layer.

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I'm Having a hard time trying to make the MASK. I have been trying to follow the steps from your first post but i'm just not getting it. Photoshop is just so much more powerful then i remember. Could it be because the MAC and PC versions act a little different? I opened the mask in a new window, Copied it, but you talk about the folder in the helmet file. that's the part i don't get. the folder on yours does not exist on mine.

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you have to create a folder (click the folder icon in the layer menu).

place the layers in it.


select the new folder, create the mask layer (as stated in the tutorial at the beginning)

them paste the mask into the new channel created for the folder channels.

making sure to turn the visibility of the channel on before you do.


once pasted, turn the visibility back off in the mask channel and go back to the layer module.

your comp should then look like the folder image at the top with a black and white mask

linked to the new folder.

if you are struggling with the terminology then you will have to do some basic ps tutorials

to get up to speed. im afraid i cant really make it any more simple than that.

or you could download the completed ps file someone posted in the thread and try and reverse

engineer it from there.

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I think my issue is that for some reason i cant CLT+C to copy the layer. I was Coping the laying using the New layer tool but i cant copy and paste.

If I am understanding your problem correctly, you need to select the whole image first. Go to the image you need to copy and press ctrl+A to select all. Then it should copy and paste fine.
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