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3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial


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 First time ever using photoshop is on this bad boy right here. My team name is the Kirkwood Yellow Jackets in the NFL simulation league I am apart of. 

Messed around with different color schemes and felt this one was the best.

Any tips for any future work???

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I got the other helmets>>>BUT does anybody have this template. I can't seem to find it . 


I do have the Google Chrome extension so I can see the photobucket stuff. BUT can't seem to find this helmet.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance





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On 10/22/2009 at 6:02 AM, davidson said:

howdy gang,

well, ive been playing about with the renders for the 3d helmets ive been making and i have created a quick tutorial so that you can build your 3d helmet in photoshop.

i could just upload the file (and i will if i can remember my deviant art logo in as i think deviant art takes psd files?) but i thought i would post all the files and give you a step by step so you can build your own. hopefully this will be a little educational and give some of the less experienced guys a quick run through of some of the ps mask and layer functionality. there is also an added bonus that should people want different angles, i can just burn out a quick render of the 4 layers needed, and you can slap together your own custom template in about 5 minutes.

thats right, who loves you? right, down to business.



1. open the following files in photoshop.





2. layer them up in photoshop as shown here (dont worry if you dont recognise the mask layer, i will get to that).

some of the edges will look a bit funky at the moment, this is called 'straight' matting as opposed to 'premultiplied' matting and will be sorted out with the masking.


3. each layer requires a different transfer mode (the way in which each layer interacts with the others. the transfer layer is the little scroll menu at the top of the 'layer' console (above).

the settings are as follows:

ColourDesign - normal

Lowlights - multiply

Highlights - screen

once you have done this. create a folder and place all these files inside it.


So, dumb question. Is there a way to get these copied/downloaded without the huge photobucket logo slapped on there?

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