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3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial


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For matte (I'm not that talented at this lol) i tried it out a while ago, and i got my best affect from just lowering opacity on the highlights layer, and bluring it.

So it looks like the like is not reflecting off, idk, this was my first attempt at it

not great, but i think with more time someone could make it better


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I remember doing the same, although I didn't even lower the opacity. I just gave it a small Gaussian Blur and it looked really good. It had the lighting to it, but wasn't shining off, just a dull light. Maybe even adding a slight texture to it too.

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Hey all,
I started to make a helmet set for FBS teams, but I ran into a problem making the helmet stripes. I'm really stuck on this one, I can't get the stripes to look legitimate. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the stripes along the top of the helmet look smooth and realistic? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hey folks, Im back with the other side helmet. Again props to the OP for his awesome work. Anyways I had a random request on my deviant art page for the other helmet. It took me a while but I finally got to it. Here is the screen shot and the link. I am phaseing myself out of Gimp and into photoshop/ pixelmater. But i will do more if needed in Gimp format (.xcf). I am in art school/ full time job, and parent so bare with me on the time issue. BTW Sorry about the visor and the rough edges, the conversion is hard to do.

Also when adding the logos, you my have to use some of your own personal artistic touch to make everything blend in well..

If I have time, I will try to make a layer for logos, I will also add the visor and clean up some of the rough edges.

Hope this works for all those gimp users out there!!

LINK!!: http://djray1985.deviantart.com/art/V2-Revo-Helmet-2-Template-442712722


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its a bit tricky to get the angle of the logo quite right on the above template, so here is a side on view for you guys, with a test render.






Brilliant work. Where do I get this template? I do not see a link here and it is not on your deviant art page (or I am missing it).

EDIT: I did find this one linked below, but I like the one above best.



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Late to the thread, but thanks to Fraser and DJRay1985 for their templates in PSD and GIMP, respectively.

Here some helmets I've created for my FFB team - trying to work through a custom pattern to match Oregon's Carbon Fiber. Will post once I've figured out:

Home helmet:


Away helmet:


Blackout helmet:


Alternate helmet:


Carbon helmet:


Championship Gold helmet:


ps - I think I confused the hell out of Fraser by adding him to my kayfabe Twitter feed. Just wanted to give proper credit on the template: https://twitter.com/springboksfc/status/520282160314716160

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Hey gang, I'm new here, but I have used the templates mentioned on this site and I'd like to share some of the designs I did for multiple fantasy football leagues. Here they are, lemme know what you think and your favs.

Da Sho Nuff Warriors


Insane Clown Posse


HeHateMe (This guy just wanted a cool flaming helmet)

Evil Jesters

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A couple of notes about this template, which is found here: http://rezland.deviantart.com/art/Revolution-Speed-Template-280301179

I am BEGGING anyone with the skills to design a complete PROFILE version of this helmet in a template. I love the template, just wish there was a complete profile version and not slightly off center.

Also, the thing I loved about this template compared to the one that started this thread was the fact that there are TWO separate layers for the Face Mask AND the Helmet Color. Makes things SOOOO much easier when playing with colors because you can now use the "Color Overlay" tool in effects and are not locked into playing with the RED and BLUE in "Color Replace" that come with the template that started this thread.

I am no Photoshop Pro by any means, but I do know my way around layers and basic design.

If you would like me to design a helmet for you for your fantasy team or anything else, just drop me a not here and I will do one up for you, no charge. I have already done 4 leagues this year, and I just dig doing it. Just let me know your team name (doesn't matter what it is, I can come up with something creative), and the colors you would like to use (or if you have a favorite NFL team you'd like to base it on).

All the best.


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